Yup, you heard that right, I have a link for you for 50% off of Flodesk. But before I just give it to you, I feel a duty to adequately explain why Flodesk is literally your best friend, if you host your site on Showit, and desire an easy pluggin’ for all of your email lists (with effortlessly branded email templates), newsletters, forms, workflows, and audience.

Of course, as a brand designer, when researching the best, most affordable yet efficient, ways to send emails to my growing email list, along with the natural necessities on my list, the ability to effortlessly plug in my brand, for ease of newsletter creation was at the tippy-top of my “need to have list”.

So you can imagine my extreme delight when I found out Flodesk had each of these things, with BEAUTIFUL & easy to plug in templates.

PLUS it’s SUPER convenient & user friendly when paired with Showit, the best easy-to-use-drag-and-drop website host, where I build my own, and each of my client’s beautiful sites.

So, are you convinced yet?

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50% Off Flodesk (Showit’s Best Friend)