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How To Write Effective Client Emails (+ 3 Free Templates)


How to write effective client emails 🙌🏼 … and wait until the end, for three free email templates, I personally use for my design studio to effectively communicate throughout the brand process, for your use.

Effective client emails can be quite intimidating, but luckily for us, they are actually quite simple. You see, because if you’ve hooked a potential client enough to make the first move, and inquire with you, they are already attracted to your brand and what you’re putting out, and how you’re serving your audience.

So when it comes to your client emails, be sure to be just as authentic as you are every time you sit down to write a post to Instagram.

Don’t copy and paste an automatic-robotic toned email for this client in attempt to sound professional. Instead, try this. Before you hit the send button, read your email allowed to yourself, and if it doesn’t sound authentic to how you would say it to a friend, then rewrite it.

Rumor has it, that your inquires are real-life people — just like you, and an authentic human connection could be the thing that sets you apart from your competitor.

Now, for the freebies you were promised, (aka the reason you opened this blog in the first place ;)).

Template 1: 5 Day Follow Up With A Potential Client Template

Hey ClientNameHere! It’s YourNameHere, owner of YourStudioNameHere, just checking in to see if there is anything I can do for you, while you are deliberating + taking in the “fire hydrant” full of information I sent to you this past week, in regards to your brand! If you have any questions about anything that I have said/given to you thus far, please do not hesitate to ask me, here. I am here to serve you first and foremost always. I look forward to chatting with you more, have a great rest of your week! Cheers, YourFullNameHere | Owner & Creative Director

Template 2: Client Guide Attached Email Template

ClientNameHere, If you’re receiving this, it means that you’re officially locked in as a client here at YourStudioNameHere and we are so honored to have you here for the ride. Below, I’m attaching your Client Guide with in depth knowledge on all you need to know. Your guide will include info to guide you through every topic you need to know, from our process, communication, FAQ’s and more. Cheers, YourFullNameHere | Owner & Creative Director

Template 3: Client Testimony Post Project Template

ClientNameHere, I almost can’t believe our time in this process is over, but I am genuinely SO excited to see how your new branding takes OFF for your brand, and how it helps transforms your business. Would you mind taking a minute to fill out the questionnaire below, to give your testimony on your experience with YourStudioNameHere? From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you, for choosing YourStudioNameHere, and I cannot wait to work with you on future projects! PS. Don’t forget to tag @YourHandleHere when posting/sharing your new branding! Cheers, YourFullNameHere | YourStudioNameHere

PS. I use Honeybook for all of my client management, and I will never go back. My biggest hack when it comes to Honeybook, is saving all of these email templates in my template folder, for easy access and ease of use. It saves me so much time, just like all of Honeybook’s tools do.

Just as a thank you for making it to the end of the blog, here’s my code for 50% off your first year with Honeybook. (That’s $200, friend!!)


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