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Three Things I Do, Immediately After Receiving A Potential Client Inquiry


Here are three things I do, immediately after receiving a potential client inquiry, and why!

First Up…

Read in depth over the inquiry questionnaire (which should include some pointed questions that give you a good grasp on where your client is at in their season of business) to assess if this PC is presenting me with a “hell yes” project I’d love to join in on. Rule of thumb here is that if it’s not a “hell yes” it should be a “hell no”.

PS. Here are three of my commonly used email templates for you to use, when communicating with a PC. Read the blog post here.

And if it’s a “hell yes” project…

I confirm my studio’s current availability for the PC desired launch date, and determine whether or not I could even be available to fit in such a project. Whether this is a “yes” or a “no” my availability in regards to their project is one of the first things I address in my response email to them, in effort to not waste their time, or mine. Their desired launch date could be flexible, but often times, they will communicate that with you, if that is the case.


Time to formulate an appropriate response email, and something to keep in mind when doing so is your response time. Often times, a PC will reach out to me or fill out my Client Application form over the weekend. Makes sense right? We all have a little more time on our hands over the weekend to accomplish tasks as such, however, all of my active clients know, that my office hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm. And it’s important to me that even a PC get’s that same boundary up front, in order to keep myself and my team accountable for boundaries we have set in stone before even working with PC. No matter how pumped I am to receive that first email!

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