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5 Tips/Tricks To Elevate Your Designs With Showit


Here are FIVE tips / tricks you can put into action now, to elevate your designs with Showit! 🥳

But first, what is Showit? Showit is a beautifullly customizable, drag and drop system, & user friendly website host. That we LOVE over here! 🙌🏼

So let’s get started with some tips to help you elevate your designs with Showit.

Up first, ALWAYS take advantage of the organizational properties of Showit’s back end editor, and organize your media files with folders. 📂

Second, for a time saving trick, click and drag your mouse over multiple elements to select and drag all to your desired placement location. ⌨️

Third, elevate your website design with custom “Hover Effects” on your site’s text in the right hand tool box in editor. (For example, when someone hovers over your menu’s blog navigation, set the ‘hover effect’ to change the font’s color) 🙌🏼

Fourth, be sure to optimize your sites SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimized) by taking advantage of Showit’s wonderful SEO tools per page. 💪🏼

And lastly, before you launch ALWAYS be sure to check your mobile design, and optimize the layout, flow, text, and images with Showit’s unlimited mobile customization powers. 📲


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