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Three Homepage Ingredients That’ll Turn Visitors Into Subscribers


As pro Website Designers, and loyal subscribers to the online world as a whole, we see a lot of websites, and we’ve seen a lot of mistakes that may be keeping your site from reaching it’s fullest impact. Here are our three favorite homepage ingredients that we are sure will turn your web visitors into loyal subscribers & audience members for your scaling, growing brand — in the form of some Do’s & Don’ts to keep an eye out for.

But first, let’s establish some terms of index for your ease of reading. You don’t need to be a professional designer to have a clean handle on some industry terms you may need to know.

Above the fold: Being ‘above the fold’ is an industry term for what you can immediately see without scrolling on any given page of your website.

CTA’s: Stands for “Call To Action”

Internal Pages: Any internal pages of your website, refer to the pages other than the homepage. (ie About, Blog, Contact, etc)

The Three W’s: (Who you serve, What you do, and Where you’re based).

How’s your does your layout?

Do: Make sure to have your primary logo, your more prevalent brand photos, and your three Ws above the fold. People are drawn to and will stay on a website that has a clean layout, and carefully curated photography that are consistent with your brand.

Don’t: Make your lauyout cluttered and confusing. It should be creative, and eye catching, yet simple to navigate.

Establishing a clear goal for your homepage (that includes a solid CTA).

Do: Establish a clear goal for your homepage. Is it to showcase client work portfolio styled? Is it to showcase products and get people shopping fast? Or is the goal to educate people on your mission. Make it clear and include a solid CTA that will easily help them to navigate to where they can learn more & take action.

Don’t: Confuse the mission of the homepage, or sacrifice it for the “aesthetics”. Don’t forget the three Ws.

Optimize each canvas to point your viewer to any of your internal pages.

Do: Give a goal and a piece of infomation to every canvas of your site. Make sure to point your viewers in the direction of your internal pages. For example your canvas flow could scroll as an About blurb (text & photo) with a button to read more; a CTA to book with you that leads to the Contact page; and a canvas scroll of your three most recent Blog posts, with a button to see more on the Blog page.

Don’t: Scale your photos or text to be ineligible, and miss out on an opportunity to lead viewers to internal pages.

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