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5 Tips For Successfully Launching Your Rebrand


3… 2… 1… Launch!

You did it, you put in the time, and the investment, and now I want to make sure I set you up well for a killer launch. “Launching” is just a fancy word for sharing your new brand with the world. It’s a celebration of your work and where your business is headed, so it’s fun to announce it wherever you market your business—social media and your email list are great places to start. Here are my 5 TOP tips for successfully launching your rebrand out in the wild.

Prep, prep, and then prep some more.

Think who, what, when, where, this launch is taking place.

WHO is this launch for? Targeted to?

WHAT are you launching? Just your rebrand, or is there a giveaway, a freebie, or maybe a new offer or service that you’re launching with it?

WHEN are you launching? Set a launch date, and stick to it. This is important in one of the following tips.

WHERE are you launching this? Website, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Newsletter, etc?

Make a checklist.

… of everything you will need to update when you launch your rebrand. Consistency is key to getting your following, and target audience behind this big, exciting, shift for your brand. Here’s a few ideas to get your checklist started on the right foot, but of course, this changes from brand to brand.

Admin Changes:

✦ Email Address

✦ Email Signatures

✦ Business Cards

✦ Internal & External PDFS

✦ Trademarks

✦ Contracts

Website Changes:

✦ Domain / URL

✦ Site Titles


✦ Keywords

✦ Copy

✦ Favicons

✦ Logos

✦ Redirect Links

Marketing Changes:

✦ Newsletter Templates

✦ Social Media Templates

✦ Promotions / ADs

Social Media Changes:

✦ Handles

✦ Profile Picture

✦ Bio

✦ Website URL

✦ Hashtags

✦ Launch Teasers & Announcements

List Credit.

Internally launch before announcing your rebrand.

Start with updating everything within your company, & communicating with clients / team members. Use the list above to help guide this step.

Hype, hype, HYPE.

Building up hype is a great way to make sure you have an engaged audience by the time you launch. You can do a countdown or just share that something exciting is coming to get your people excited! I recommend doing some teasers of the different graphics we’ve created. You could do something bigger like a giveaway or a free download if you really want to get people involved. Plan out a launch sequence for at least a week out from your launch date, & be intentional to build hype through your instagram stories.

Don’t waste your eggs.

Don’t plan on putting all of your eggs in one basket. Your launch should span more than just your instagram. Think newsletter, blogs, videos, multiple media sites, etc.

Some final food for thought.

It tends to be best to launch new things on Tuesdays, which is when most people have settled into their work week, have a little bit of free time, but haven’t been too swamped with the throws of the week just yet.

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