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Let’s Talk Link-In-Bio (Free Template Included)


Introducing our latest freebie…

The Instagram Links page template for your Showit site. 🥳

Did you know that using a third party link-in-bio tool (Linktree, Shorby, Lnk.Bio, Canva) can actually be hurting you more than helping you?

Because when you’re using a third party tool for your link in bio on instagram or across any socials — it’s leading your audience away from your website and adding an extra step to your user’s journey.

Not to mention how it’s hurting your websites SEO. But — creating a simple, easy to navigate one-stop-shop for all of your links can be time consuming.

That’s why we created this free “Instagram Links” page for our fellow Showit users out there, to save you the time and energy, so all you have to do is customize the links, and tweak the page to fit your unique brand. This freebie comes with a helpful delivery guide with all the information you need on adding this template to your Showit Library and getting it ready for launch. 🥳

Get your audience on your website with the 1st tap, boost your SEO, and strengthen your brand with our latest free resource.

Want to see the template in action before grabbing your copy? View the demo. Grab it now!



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