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How To Ask For Thoughtful Client Feedback


A recent Instagram post got SO much love (*cue my tears*) on a incredibly thoughtful client testimony I recently got from one of my kind clients earlier this year. Click here to see the post.

And to be honest, when I first started design — my client testimonies did not look like that 🙄

Not because of who was submitting them, but simply because I didn’t know how to thoughtfully ask for client testimonies in a considerate and compelling way, that made my clients WANT to submit feedback.

So we’ve compiled some of my tips on how I rectified that issue in my studio. Because let’s be honest — our client testimonies are the living, breathing reasons of why we do what we do. So let’s make them count!

Here’s how to ask for thoughtful client feedback in a way that is considerate & compelling.

1.) Remain as genuine as you have been throughout your entire client experience. Your testimonial request is no time to default to a robotic tone or to copy & paste an email template.

2.) Be flattering within your message, note a few things you loved about working with them! What are you excited about moving forward? Seeing their use of their product or service out in the wild? Were they constant and kind throughout your time together? Flatter them, and remain genuine.

3.) Send an email. Keep it in the inbox, and make it simple for them. Include a link or form for them to easily fill out directly from the email. The easier it is for them to submit, the more likely you are to get a well written response.

4.) Don’t wait – be proactive with when you send out your testimonial request. You want the experience with you to be fresh on their minds.

5.) Communicate just how much client testimonials mean to you. These are the life of what you do and WHY you do it. Remind that of your people when thoughtfully asking for feedback.

6.) Share client stories that you already have. People will want to get in on that experience, or it could spark that “Oh! I have one of those in my feedback too!” moments.

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