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Four Signs You May Be Due For A Rebrand


Four signs you may be due for a rebrand… any of these pain points sound familiar to you? Don’t worry and stay until the end of the read, because there’s a few options for you to solve the issue and we are here to help.

  1. Your brand leaves you restless, and it no longer resonates with you. This can look like a restless tension between you and your website. You constantly feel the need to re-do and tweak little things but it never quite seems perfect. It’s hindering how your showing up online, and you may be a victim of “Shiny Object Syndrome” AKA every time you see something new or trendy that you love, you re-do and re-design everything within your brand. This is due to not having security in your brand, and it’s EXHAUSTING – amiright??
  2. You’re still attracting inquiries… but from the wrong type of people. It’s rarely a “HELL YES” type of collaboration.
  3. You avoid giving out your socials and your site. YIKES. If this is you, let me be so bold to say that your website causes some embarrassment. Your brand isn’t aligned with your work, direction, and goals.
  4. Your brand was designed based off a trend… and it’s long gone, honey. Brands designed without core strategy and foundations, or based off a trend you loved in 2019 will always fade quickly. Foundational brands are built off of research, strategy, and goal-oriented direction.

Any of this sound familiar? Yep, I’ve been there too. But there are options for you no matter what season of business you find yourself in.

1.) Buy a brand and/or website template for a shop you trust. Now, this is a temporary solution but when you’re starting out, and have a smaller budget this is an option that makes sense.

2.) Hire a designer you love and trust for a Design Intensive service, or “Designer For A Day” service.

3.) When you’re ready and can, HIRE A DESIGNER you trust and love. Making this investment can be daunting, but hiring a designer / strategist that you trust will help bring you more clarity and aim your goals to set your brand up for timeless success.

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