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Valuable Lessons We Can All Learn From Instagram’s Recent Announcement From The Perspective Of A Brand


I’ve personally taken a hot minute to talk about my thoughts about the changes coming to Instagram, and I think rather than shouting out what we all are already feeling, I want to challenge us to shift the perspective. 😳

Shall we? Here’s a few valuable lessons I think we can all takeaway from Instagram’s recent announcement from the perspective of a brand.

& ICYMI: Earlier this summer, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram announced that there would be some big changes coming to the platform. Specifically the famous words “Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing app.”

So what does this mean for us as brands? 🙅🏻‍♀️

Let’s take a minute to walk through some of Instagram’s users “gut reactions” to this change, and the important takeaways we can use to reframe the way we process as brands and businesses.

IG’s Users Reactions

“I have invested hours and hours into growing my Instagram. What does this change mean for my platform?”

Our Takeaway

You should never throw all of your eggs into just one basket, especially a platform you don’t own. A foundation built on one stilt will easily crumble. Spend just as much time, efforts, and resources into your website, blog & other forms of online presence as you do Instagram.

IG’s Users Reactions

Confused and frustrated that a brand they rely on is changing their original mission & straying away from their initial strategy of being a photo sharing platform.

Our Takeaway

People crave to see consistency, authenticity, and a solid foundation from brands. Be mindful of these things when evaluating decisions and changes in your own brand. Here’s some questions you can ask yourself to stay on track. Is this consistent with what my audience craves? Is this authentic with myself & the core of my brand? Is this aligned with my strategy & brand’s foundations?

IG’s Users Reactions

“But in reality… why would we need two ‘Tik Tok’s?”

Our Takeaway

Your audience will take notice of things you do that are original, and things that aren’t.

IG’s Users Reactions

“What if I don’t feel comfortable dancing for reels?”

Our Takeaway

There’s always more than one way to do something. With these changes, this is a chance to practice creativity. If something that’s trending doesn’t align with your brand or what you’re comfortable with, figure out a way to do it that does.

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