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Let’s Chat Design Industry Terms To Know


Let’s chat about some design industry terms you may need to know ↝ a thread. 🙌🏼

You don’t need to be a industry pro in order to effectively navigate the field. Whether your diy-ing your way through a rebrand, or hiring a design team, save this mini guide to refer back to it later for some industry terms you’ll need in your back pocket. 🤫

Serif Fonts

What is a serif font? A serif is the littel extra stroke or curves at the ends of letters. A classic wildly-known example of Serif Fonts is the fonts “Cormorant Garamond”.

Sans Serif Font

“Sans” literally means “without”. Sans serif fonts have no extra strokes or curves at the end or edges of their letters. A classic well-known example of this is the font “Roboto”.

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a “dummy text” used in the design industry. It’s used as placeholder text within designs when the copy isn’t quite ready.


Collaterals is a term used to describe any additional materials created for your brand, to hit home the highly crafted brand experience your craving for your ideal client. Ie. business cards, welcome guides, packaging, etc.


Showit is a very user friendly, drag-and-drop, website hosting platform we love and use to design for each of our client websites when the shoe fits. You’re reading this RIGHT NOW on Showit!

HEX Codes

A hex is a six digit number used in HTML, CSS, and other design software applications to represent colors. IE. #ffffff = white, #000000 = black, #ff0000 = red, and #0000ff = blue.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization” which is a digital marketing strategy that focuses your website’s presence in search results like Google. AKA – these are keywords we plug into the backend of your website to help Google know who the website is trying to target.

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