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What To Include In Your Investment Guide


Here are the KEY things you need to include in your investment guide, to produce credibility, confidence, and clarity for your prospective clients. 👇🏼

Number One

1.) Any guide, or PDF, that your audience sees from you, should be recognizable to your brand. Consistency with fonts, colors, layouts, logos, even down to your messaging — it should be an extension of your business, and continue building that trustworthy brand experience.

Number Two

2.) Include a Table Of Contents – this will help ease your clients navigation and overall experience, making it easier and more enjoyable for them. You led them all the way to your inbox, don’t leave them out to dry now.

Number Three

3.) Introduce yourself. Chances are by now, they’ve already seen your instagram, read about you on your website, yada yada yada. They’ve done their research, so give them a little bit of juice or something that you love specifically about working with people, just like them.

Number 4

4.) Talk through the investment and experience you are asking them to make. What sets your process apart? What is the most exciting part of the process? What do they have to look forward to with the ROI? (Return on Investment)

Number 5

5.) List your packages. (Duh!) Talk through deliverables, and be specific. The goal is to answer as many questions as humanly possible so they feel confident, and knowledgable to make a decision wisely.

Number 6

6.) Include your best past client testimonial. People want to know what others have taken away from their experience with you, and what their results were, too.

Number 7

7.) Now that you’ve educated, informed, and clarified for them be sure to clearly lead them through what the best next steps are. Do they need to email you back? Fill out another form? Select a package on your brochure? Don’t leave them wondering what they need to do next, provide a clear call to action to continue the process moving forward.

And finally,

8.) Lastly, say thank you! Whether they move forward from here, they’ve already invested time into learning more about you and your brand. What an honor! Be sure to thank them for that time to leave them on a thoughtful, and kind impression.

Anything we missed? Help me improve this list 👇🏼


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