Throwing industry tradition

bold design.

out the window,

With heart infused in everything we create. Based in the Carolinas but thanks to the internet, partnering with tradition-stomping brands all over the world.

through luxury &

We believe in weaving profound intention and meaning into every design.

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Meet Our Founder
Meet Our

Hello friends, I'm Adison! I've always had an expressive personality, and throughout my life, I always enjoyed exploring a range of different creative endeavors including pottery, dance, painting, and photography. Early in life I was so fortunate to discover that my artistic talents were a great source of joy and expression.

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Valure is a London based skincare company, where beauty & strength finally align. Valore expresses everything that is truly authentic in the beauty and strength, and boldness of women. An inclusive brand that craves everything organic and pure. Coming soon.

milena ciciotti

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